Are you running a website and looking to rank the website in Google and want to generate traffic and leads ? If yes, the best way to increase the traffic and leads is to increase the reach by doing Social Media on regular basis.

Why Social Media in SEO is Important Than Ever?

  • You can create and share your content in social media channels and you will get the impressions and traffic by that at your website.
  • It is the best white hat SEO because you are putting your fresh content at your channels rather than using any toxic back-linking or any unnecessary websites.
  • DA is effective but more than that great traffic source is important to get the rank and leads.
  • Sometimes you get the leads without rankings if you use social media in SEO and content promotion rather than doing the link building at the third party sides.
  • I suggest to do paid social ads to increase the reach of your content. Like you write a content which is valuable informative but at your social channels you do not have a big fan following then you will not get the much benefit. So rather than spending your money in guest blogging spend in the social ads to reach and promote your content.

    What Other Benefits You Can Get

    • You may get likes at your pages.
    • Even you may get recommendations as well.
    • You may get leads as well.
    • Also you will get traffic as well.
    • Your branding will be increased which is an essential part of conversation.
    • For conversion social proofing plays a big role.
    • and many more…

    Social media can also be considered as a search engine. Like if you are doing and sharing content at Twitter then it is fairly possible that people will find your company by searching for those categories of content.
    Now a days everyone is not only dependent upon the Google for searching the things they also search at Facebook and Twitter as well.

    When people are searching for any brand in social search then many pages come up. So, companies should make sure that if they appear in searches for brand search or related search in Social Media then their profiles should come up.

    Also I have seen when you are active at Social Media then sometimes your blog can rank in Google as well as your Social Media profiles. This help in many ways like this is a content of dominate marketing. Here user is finding your brand pages, websites pages, social pages, blogs pages etc for keywords search like if someone put SEO India and then if any brand getting their website as well as there Social Media pages and blog in the ranking then they are making high chances of getting the lead and converting that into sales.

    Don’t forget Bing While You Incorporate Social Media in SEO-

    Google may have not clearly indicated about the impact of social media in SEO but Bing has stated in his webmaster that-

    “Social media plays a role in today’s effort to rank well in search results… These positive signals can have an impact on how you rank organically in the long run.”

    Bing which is used 33% in USA for searching has been very clear that how their algorithm incorporates social signals into their search results.
    Since Bing is increasing it’s market share so users/customers are suggested to use Bing in their strategies.

    Ok!!! Share your opinion what else do you think that social media effects into SEO?

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