With the advancement in technology a lot of things have changed completely and some have lost permanently. Similar is the case with the international launching of Google in 2000. Various things that existed prior to the launch of Google are now completely vanished. One such thing is a “Phone Directory” or “Phone Book”. Does anyone remember this? No!! I knew that… The “Phone Directory” is now a thing of past and is now replaced by online search. Earlier when you needed a number of any businesses, you need to turn the pages and find it. But, now-a-days, you just need to make a Google Search to do it.

Now if you think of it from a business owner perspective, what you need to do to appear in Google Search? How would your customer find your contact number or even your business or services provided? For this, you need to create a Google My Business Page and optimize it to appear in Google Search. How would you do it? Well, if you are a little of tech savvy, you can do it by yourself by reading our complete guide on how to create a Google My Business Page. Else, you can hire any best local SEO agency to do the job for you in affordable price.

In our previous article, we have explained the steps to create and claim the Google My Business Page. Now, we will explain how to optimize Google My Business Page so that your business appears on first page of Google.

Claim Your Google My Business Profile:

Claiming your business profile is first step. The completed process of claiming a Business profile is already explained in previous article. Please refer to that. A claimed profile will look like this:

Claimed google my business profile

Complete Each & Every Section Of Your Google Profile:

A perfectly complete Business profile not only helps in ranking higher in Google maps but also helps in increase in actions taken by customers when they find your profile.
The information that needs to be filled is available foe edit in INFO section as shown below:

Info section google my business

There are some sections that need to be completely right away and there are others that need to completely with proper care.
These sections to be completed right away:
a) Name:
b) Address:
c) Phone
d) Website
e) Hours
These are called as NAP. They should be exactly in the same manner on every business profiles you create. No duplicity is accepted in terms of NAP. Business name should be identical to the one that you use in real world i.e. the brand name. Business address should be same at other listings across the web.

These sections are to be completed by taking a bit of more time:

a) Category & sub categories: The main category for you business should be approximately same what your business delivers services about. You can add sub categories also if you find some that matches your business profile. When you add a category, category specific features becomes available by Google for your profile. Hence your profile becomes more attractive & effective.

Category Google My Business

b) Service Areas: Service areas include the locations where your business operates and gives services to customers. You can enter one or more locations in service area as per your business.

Service areas Google my Business

c) Products & Services: If you sell products online, you can add some featured products to your profile. You need not to add all the products to your Google Business profile. Adding just the featured products will do the job successfully. You need to add relevant services to the profile to increase the chances of your profile to appear in Google searches.

Product & services Google My Business

d) Unique Business Description (From the business): Here you need to add a unique description to your business profile. Although a brief business description that appears just below your business name is not your control. Only the part that is in your control is “From the business”. You have a luxury of 750 characters to add to your “From the business” section. Out of that the first 250 characters are shown completely. So you can add key business information in the first 250 characters and after that utilize all the remaining characters by filling content from About Us page of your website. You should fill keyword specific content to get better recognized by Google algorithms.

From the business Google My Business

These Are Ongoing Tasks:

a) Posts: Posts are just similar to the one that we post on other social media platforms. You can add an update to your business, add an item, add an offer, Add an event, add products etc.

Posts Google My Business

An update/post appears towards the bottom of your business profile. These posts remain available to the customers for 7 days only. After that you need to add them again with proper call to action. Such posts are more valuable as they help in increase the action taken by the customers when they find your business. When you regularly post on your Google business profile, these are added as positive ranking signals from Google. Currently there is a COVID-19 update that will help your customers to engage with you more efficiently during the pandemic. Your Google My Business posts will even appear on Maps, so it is free of cost advertising of your local business.

b) Questions & Answers: Google offers a questions & answers section on our Google my Business profile. Customers can ask for relevant questions that matches your business services, parking lots available, emergency service time etc. Owners as well as others can answer these questions and customers can choose to take services from you based on that.

Questions & Answers

You can change settings for questions & answers from the Settings section of your business profile as shown below and stay on top what to be shown on your profile.

Settings for question and answers

c) Reviews & Replies:

Reviews is the most important factor that one should focus on getting on their business profile. Profiles with most positive reviews not only appear at the top of search rankings in the local 3 pack but also have the best influence on consumer buying. If a customer search for a particular service using keyword, then there are chances that Google may show up your profile if the keyword is included in the reviews. You can take reviews from your past and present customers one by one. Reply those reviews with a thank you note and try to add some keyword within the reply as well to get positive ranking signal from Google to your Business profile.

Reviews & reply

d) Photos & Videos: Add photos or videos at least every seven days. This will make your profile active and your business will get more user engagement. Also, Google is now on the verge of adding photos in local results by its image recognition algorithm. Geo-tag your images to show Google your prominence in your area.


There are a number of ways that customers can use to find your business. But, you can never deny the role & importance of your Google My Business profile. It helps you get business on a fast pace by showing your business in local 3-pack results. It is a free tool by Google that can save you tons of money from spending on other platforms and in return give you a valuable business.

Hope we have covered all the points that you were searching for how to optimize Google My Business page. So get ready to rock-n-roll. If you have got more points, please mention in comment below. We would love to add them in our post.

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