The success rate of any business is measured through its audience base. Having a business is not enough, one needs to promote the business and attract as many customers as possible by any means available. That includes creating a website and developing an application of the business so that it can reach and be accessed by a multitude of people. The knowledge of app development is vital when it comes to building an app. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional to do it, the basics of app development should be known to you.
You will always have two options as to how to go about the whole app development thing- either hire an app development company or do the job yourself. 

There are some top rated companies providing services in the field on app development in Florida according to their customer reviews. If you feel like you need to take the responsibility of building the app yourself, don’t worry we have got you covered either ways.

How to Go About Building an Android App?

A. Things you need to know:

To start with your journey on how to make an android app, you need to have a basic knowledge of coding languages like Java, C and C++. Your concepts should be clear regarding the showcasing of the app and you should install the software requirements of Java Jdk 1.8 and Android Studio. Apart from that, you have to have the basic hardware requirement of 4GB RAM and a 500GB hard disk.

B. Wireframing:

Once you have an idea of how your app is going to look, sketch a wireframe for your basic app and make sure that you are making use of this tool to present the planned functionality and the structure of the app. Make it a point to pay special attention to the graphics and the functioning of the app because it makes the coding easier and also gives you a preview of how people are going to use it. Apart from that, it also allows you to make certain changes to the sections you aren’t satisfied with.

C. Designing

The design for your app should be impeccable. You should go for graphics and colors that are appealing and that attract more people. It should be engaging enough for people to actually be interested in knowing the details about it and using it.

D. Development:

Once the wireframing and the design is put in place, it is the time for laying out the programming according to the requirements:

1. Open Android Studio, click file, new and then new project.

2. Next, define your app name and package including the company domain as well.

3. Enter the form factor of the app from the present options. The form factor defines the type of your app.

4. After you select the form factor, the code for your app will be generated by default. You can the select empty activity for the login app demo.

Above mentioned points are just the introduction part on your journey for how to make an android app. Lets start with a step by step guide for making an android app:

Step By Step Guide On How To Make an Android App

1. First stage
This initial stage entails coming in contact with your idea, with the industry & with mobile innovation in general. There’s work to be done prior to you start trying to find programmers or developers. Let’s first have actual call with your suggestion.

a) The concept behind making an Android app is that it should cover the desired requirement you need in order to develop an Android app. It’s ideal if it covers a demand, i.e. if it resolves an issue that mobile users have. Have a look at what your rivals in the sector are up to. If Android applications have actually currently been established to cover such need, your app will certainly have to be better than them. Contemplate on your suggestion up until you assume it might be viable.
b) Preparing initial Mock-ups: In situation you’re currently clear about your concept, write down theoretically exactly how your app is most likely to resemble. Make a straightforward, basic illustration, and neglect layout principles for the time being. The mock-up should reflect the app’s fundamental procedure and also individual interaction. Try to make it easy to use as well as understandable for the individual.

2. Business phase
In this 2nd phase, we’ll move our range away from the idea and also closer to the real project. We require to define the app development task much more extensively and carefully currently.

a) Android app version or model and monetisation method: At this moment, it’s due time you define your Android application’s service design. Developing an app simply for the benefit of it makes no feeling in any way. What do you want to achieve with it? Just how are you most likely to accomplish it? That’s the flair to it, in addition to the monetisation methods you’ll be applying. We include them in this phase considering that they need to be established before moving right into the app’s development and style phase

b) Defining your Android app development process: You have to elaborate a document mirroring all the elements of your Android application. It has to include points ranging from one of the most basic bits and pieces such as mock-ups or the colours of the brand’s style (if you have chosen them currently). Do not stress way too much if it is not flawlessly comprehensive and extensive: you may leave some points out. Points like if your style needs to be really certain or working with a specialised working as a consultant firm.

 3. Development and layout phase
This stage being the lenghtiest of all, holds true for Android as well as for any various other OS. We’ll be resolving currently severe things: it’s the development phase. We at SEOFutura, believe that you must take the leap right into the mobile world properly; taking the leap apathetic or eluding is not a choice. Making an app without proper strategy, creating it appropriately or advertising it is unusable at all. We’ll start by finding the Android specialists that fit your job best.

a) Look for best Android app development professionals: If you do not recognize just how to make an Android app but want to make it, it’s best to look for professionals that do understand exactly how to make one. We have a good development team specialising in Android as well as IOS app development. This is, specialised in producing applications like your own.
b) Unique layout for your Android app: It’s of extremely important significance for your project that you keep app style in mind. You must think about the way in which Android runs if you want to develop indigenous applications for this operating system. This will certainly influence product layout animations, intelligent notices, etc. Usually speaking, Android app layout looks for aesthetic simplicity.
c) Hire a dedicated Project Manager having required experience: You require someone to aid you handle your Android app’s creation procedure. Not that you are unable of managing it by yourself, yet it will contribute to speeding the process up. In this manner you will certainly be able to focus on more crucial concerns as well as out the task’s logistics.

4. Launch Stage of Your Newly Build App:
Once all procedures have been confirmed, your application is nearly ready for its launch in the market. You will have to set some points up before introducing it to ensure it reaches out to the largest feasible amount of prospective individuals. In fact, an app’s first week in the store is vital to gain visibility and also get its placing going on the best track.

a) ASO(App Store Optimization): ASO is an acronym that means “App Store Optimisation”. ASO entails, simply put, positioning your app within the app stores. Keyword phrases must be attentively defined in order to obtain an excellent ASO for your Android app. It’s extremely suggested to rely on an App Store Optimization professionals for this job. Your Android app will certainly not obtain lots of downloads if you do not get to place it well.

b) Get a press set prepared. Before your app is launched, it’s practical to have a press plan ready to be delivered to the media. Prepare a news release, promotional images of your app, and also any type of other things you may need to acquire a spectacular launch.

c) It’s high time … to introduce your app! Submitting it to the stores will not be instant. It usually uses up a couple of hours on Google Play Store. It can take up to a number of days. Synchronise your app’s launch if you are releasing it for several operating systems. And as soon as your app is published, kick its promotion off while staying with the plan you have actually devised beforehand.

5. Promotion/marketing phase of Your Android App:
This phase is crucial. Lots of people that do not have the skills required to make an Android app efficiently concentrate simply on development. Nonetheless, marketing is just as essential and also needs a budget plan comparable in dimension to that required for its development. If you avoid this stage, the app you’ve established will ultimately disappear from the stores. Along with more traditional promo methods, we urge you to advertise and also promote your app additionally in social media channels, proper use of influencer marketers, display advertisments, banners, etc.

SEOFutura can suggest a lot more things depending on what sort of app you are looking to create. Our guide on just how to make an Android app from scratch would certainly be beneficial for you. Please do not hesitate to inform us what your Android app is all about and what functionality it is covering.

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