How to create Google My Business Page

Getting Started With Google My Business Account Creation and Verification:

Are you planning to target your local customers? Then you should start utilizing free tool from Google. It is Google My Business (GMB). It is a free tool which lets you show and manage how your business appears on Google and more importantly on Google 3-Pack ranking.
If you are not familiar about this tool and the process of how to create and optimize the Google My Business page for your business, we are here to help you. Read this guide to solve all your worries about creating the Google My Business page. So, to get started on our journey for how to create a Google My Business Page for your business, read this step-by-step guide.

Steps on How to Create a Google Page For Your Business?

Step 1: Sign in into your Gmail Account through which you want to create Google Business Page. If you do not have one, start creating a Gmail Account as this is the primary requirement for creating a Google My Business Page.

Creating Gmail Account
Source: Gmail

Step 2: After you have successfully created a Gmail account which you want to associate with your Google My Business page, simply type in “Google My Business” in Search Engine or go to and select “Manage now” in the top right-hand corner.

Sign In to Google My Business Page
Source: Gmail

Step 3: As you click on “Start Now”, a window opens which asks to “Enter your business name”. In that space type in your exact “Business Name”(Although it can be edited later on as your business gets verified). Now click “Next” to go to next step. You will see the below section which ask you to fill your business category.

Filling up business name

Step 4: Now enter your business category that exactly matches your Business domain. Once you find out exact business category that matches to your business, click “Next” to go to next step.

Business category filling

Step 5: As you have click “Next”, you now see “Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office?” If you want to show your exact location to your customers, click YES otherwise NO. Now click “Next” to go to next step.

Adding a location on Google My Business

Step 6: If you have selected YES, then you need to fill in your complete address. Make sure you have all the details like Street Address, City, Pincode, etc. Now click next.

Filling up Business Address in GMB

Step 7: There you have a chance to locate your business on Google Map with the help of pointer. If you are unable to exact match the business address, do not worry, you can do that later as well. Now click Next to go to next step.

Pointer setup for address update

Step 8: On the next step, you will have an option of selecting the services you provide to your customers. It says like this: “Do you also serve customers outside this location?”, If yes, select the desired options either YES or NO. Click Next to go to next step.

Do you serve outside the address

Step 9: Now add your business phone number or website.(If you already the website)
You have three options there: a) Current Website URL, b) I don’t need a website, c) Get a free website based on your info. Select accordingly. Click next to finish the setup for verification.

Step 10: Now choose a verification option. There are 5 options for verification of Google Business Page.

Business Verification method

How to Verify Your Google My Business Page on Google?

There are several ways to verify your GMB listing:

  1. By phone
  2. By postcard
  3. By email
  4. Instant verification

Verification of Google My Business Page by Phone verification method:

There are some businesses that Google allows to verify their Google Business Page by phone verification method. Not all business are eligible for this type of verification method. If you’re eligible to verify with this method, you’ll see an option that says “Verify by phone” option when you start the verification process.

Steps to Verify Your Business Page via Phone Verification:

Step 1: If you are already logged into Google My Business, choose the business page created you want to verify via phone.

Step 2: Choose “Verify by phone.” But make sure that the phone number is correct and is available with you as you will get a text message with verification code.

Step 3: Now enter the verification code from the text you received. Now your business is verified. Start optimizing it for better online presence.

Verification by Postcard Method:

If your business is not eligible for phone verification method, you have other verification method, i.e Postcard verification. In order to verify your business address by Postcard method, make sure your business address is correct as you will receive a postcard with verification code on your business address.

Step 1: Click “Mail.” The postcard may take up to 12 days. Please do not make any edits in your business address or name or anything as it may lead to delay the process of sending the postcard.

Step 2: Once you have received the postcard with verification code, log into Google My Business to verify the Google Business Page created.

Step 3: Now enter the five-digit verification code received on your postcard. Click “Submit” after entering the verification code to get your Business Page verified.

NOTE: There may be a case that your postcard never shows up, or even if you have lost it, worry not. Google give you an option through which you can request a new code by signing into your Google My Business Account and clicking the “Request another code” blue banner at the top of the screen for selected business address.

Email Verification Method

In this verification method, make sure your email address is correct and is available to access the verification code from Google.

Step 1: Click “Verify by Email”

Step 2: Open your email account and go to your inbox & find the email from Google My Business. Open the mail and click the verification button in the email.

Instant Verification Method

By this method. You will be able to verify your Google Business Page with Google Search Console. Sign into Google My Business with the same account you have verified your business with Google Search Console. This method is applicable only to certain categories. If it is available to your Google Business Page category, it will instantly redirect you to verify the Google Business Page through Google Search Console, otherwise it will guide you to few steps to verify it Business Page.

We hope that this guide was helpful if have followed it step-by-step while creating a Business Page. It would have solved all your queries on “how to create a Google My Business Page” or “how to create a google page for a business”. Even though you find any difficulty in creating a Google Business Page, we are here to help you. Feel free to contact SEOFutura, the best SEO India company for any help regarding creation on Google Business Page for your business. We would be happy to serve you. We can also help you with your mobile app development needs, web design and Search Engine Optimization needs as well. 

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